Welcome to Bike and Hike!

We're crazy about bikes! Our staff tasted wheel-based independence on their first trikes and just never stopped riding. We don't just sell bikes, we love them and we'd like for you to love them too. We know plenty about what bike is right for you and with a wide variety of bikes in stock, we have a bike to suit your needs and price. We can help you with any questions you may have too.

Our staff speaks several different cycling languages:

  • Mountain Biking

  • Road Cycling

  • BMX

  • Commuting

    We're only a few minutes walk or ride from the EIU campus and we're always happy to welcome new student riders and to support a strong, and growing, EIU cycling community!

    A little about us..

    Bike and Hike may have two stores in small towns but we think BIG! You may be surprised by all of the great stuff we have, or can get, in Charleston and Effingham. We stock items from the vendors all over and, if you have special requests (and you're nice), we'll even do the legwork on other specialty items you might be looking for. We really do love bikes and all of the stuff that makes riding a way of life.

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